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The Office Manager, Heather Ballengee is extremely rude and very less than helpful. As a tenant of a Rowan Real Estate property, none of the repairs were ever made as requested, and having to deal with Heather as a contact was always a nightmare. She is extremely condescending and grossly incompetent in her line of work.

After making rent payments on time each month, the property went into foreclosure and Heather Ballengee DENIED such situation when I would call and ask what my options were. -Even though I received numerous "Notice of Defaults" taped to the door and delivered in the mail (As well as posted on the county's assessor page).

If you're looking to rent, protect yourself from a management company who will deny claims of a tenant foreclosure AND try to forfeit your security deposit without reasonable cause. -Find another company as a renter or landlord for property management as care and repairs will never be made.

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This company is very disrespectful, rude, and don't care about what anybody is going through Cheryl is very very rude and lies to Mr.Rowan about false information that was told to her to make me seen like a non trusting person...point period this company sucks at comnication with another human....please please please do not rent from this company.....


I rent from rowan and all I could say is never again..


I have been a tenat with rowan rental for 3years and Heather and the rest of the staff has been more than helpful. If I every had an issue with my home they were very fast and pleasant at fixing the problem.Even after I was laid off they spoke to the owner and I didnt feel worried about being evicted and til this day I am still working with them to purchase my own home


I am a property owner and Rowan has managed two rentals for me for 3 years. They have done a good job working with often difficult tenants who seem to make up the majority of the tenants in Vegas.

Heather has gone above and beyon to help me with issues that come up which is critical to an out of town owner. I would use their services again.


We have rented from rowan for a few years. It is a complete HASSLE to get anything repaired.

I have had to call over 20 times and threaten to fix things myself before anything gets fixed.

They send unprofessional people to "fix" the problems, then they break worse than before. Don't rent from this company if you can help it!!!!!


I also rent from Rowan Real Estate and must agree with the orginal poster. Heather is not the Office Manager, she is a Property Manager who is rude, unprofessional, and does not know the meaning of tenant law.

I hope I never have a problem with my home and have to ask for help from the company because the few questions I have had that have been directed to either Heather or Elizabeth have been short or abrupt and have felt that I was a causing them to have to go out of their way to speak with me. I have can't wait for my lease to be up so I can rent from a company that has a level of true professionalism and can at least fake a caring attitude.


I too would like to offer a differing point of view. Shortly after we moved in, the townhouse next door, which is empty, busted a water main.

Our home eventually flooded as well. Heather, and Rowan, have been prompt and professional in handling the matter.


I have rented from this property management company for 3 years and would highly recommend them to anyone looking for the absolutely best in service and property management! I have nothing but the best regard for Heather Ballengee and know that she has always gone above and beyond for her tenants without a second thought.

She is very committed to doing her job flawlessly and has dedicated herself to Rowan Real Estate since I have been dealing with them. I have sent friends to them for rentals knowing full well that they will be in great hands and be treated as well as they have treated me. For anyone looking to rent from Rowan I would say please disregard the comment from the jaded, ill-educated individual above.

Call Rowan and speak with Heather or Elizabeth... they are very professional, warm and welcoming and after 3 years of renting from them I would know!

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